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What is Move Into Your Power?

Move Into Your Power is a proven system for achieving anything you want in life.

If you feel you're at a crossroads and...

  • You want a change—something more—even if you're not sure what it is at this moment
  • You want to see new possibilities
  • You want to take action so you can get past whatever is stopping you, then...

Move Into Your Power is for you!

You're in good company...

Move Into Your Power will give you the power to make the moves you need to succeed in your life and/or business. The structure and the format of the classes along with the examples provided make it easy to remember what you learn in Move Into Your Power and to use it on a daily basis. What I learned will forever be a part of my daily life. Even though I always love reading the latest bestseller list motivational books, I found much more useful tools in this class than in anything I have experienced in the past.”

Gina Dalessandro

Move Into Your Power is helping me to create my best life ever! I always have strongly believed that personal development is extremely important to success in every area of my life.  Maia’s course has shown me how to get from where I am to where I want to be. The difference lies with my thoughts—which control my actions, which create my results. Using the strategies from the course, I now KNOW  I can accomplish anything I focus on. It has been an eye opening experience and I’m excited about the future and all of the opportunities in front of me!”

Michele Giarrano

I’m now my own best and most valuable friend! Move Into Your Power has given me the freedom to choose my beliefs about myself and the world around me. Instead of being on ‘autopilot,’ I’ve learned the steps I can take to analyze and fine-tune my vision in all the circumstances in my life. I’m no longer stuck without knowing why or how to move forward. Move Into Your Power truly has given me the tools to achieve laser-focused mental clarity”

Pam Considine

I was looking for the self-confidence to meet setbacks and adversity with success and at the same time stay true to myself. Maia has walked this journey in her own life and has shown me step-by-step how to achieve it in mine. My experience with Move Into Your Power has been nothing short of phenomenal. Using the PowerTools from the course, I’ve learned to channel my strengths and work with my weaknesses in a effective way. I believe every woman that wants a change in her life  will find useful tools in Move Into Your Power to help her.”

Kim Vaughn

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Maia Beatty

Chief Inspirator

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Chuck Beatty

Chief Design Guru, Media Master, and Nutritional Artist

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