Deepen Your Leadership Skills

Move Into Your Power is for business leaders, business owners, and professionals-on-the-fast-track who find themselves at a professional crossroads—and you, when you’re ready to:

• Consider a new way of examining what’s holding
you back

• Develop a practical skill set to overcome any obstacle

• Take focused action to gain a positive outcome in
any situation

See New Possibilities

The simple truth is that what typically holds us back is being unclear about what we want. Although sometimes it’s indecision over life-changing choices, more often it’s the everyday dilemmas that cause us to founder.

Here’s why: our automatic responses to any given situation keep us from seeing the better choices that are right in front of us—yet completely invisible. When we consider a new way of seeing things, those other options become clearer. Now we have choices that lead to better cooperation among co-workers, more innovative teamwork, and a streamlined process success.

Gain New Skills

Over the past 30 years, Maia Beatty has developed a series of Simple Shifts (she calls them PowerTools) she shares with her clients. These practical, easy-to-use strategies are the foundation of Move Into Your Power. You’ll learn how to use them to recognize the behaviors that no longer benefit you so you can replace them with new behaviors that will serve you better.

As you Move Into Your Power you will build your own personal set of PowerTools, which you can use to gain the outcome you want in any situation you face. Use them to accomplish more—more quickly—and with stronger synergy throughout your organization.

Take Focused Action

Once you know what you want, it’s critical to your success that you map out how to achieve it. In Move Into Your Power you’ll learn how to develop a simple plan (we call it a blueprint) that you can use to achieve anything you want—from everyday goals to life-changing ones. You can use your blueprint to track your progress and, more importantly, you’ll learn how to adjust it for guaranteed success.

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