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What people are saying:

What a wonderful gift to give people: the keys to their own personal power.”

—Stephanie Ward, The Marketing Coach for Entreprenuers, Firefly Coaching

Maia’s story will make you want to run instead of walk toward your passion in life.”

—Zipporah Evania, CLTC, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL, Financial Advisor

Maia clearly demonstrates that despite negative childhood and adult experiences you can take charge of your own destiny joyously.”

 —Rose Pellar, Barrister and Solicitor, Author of A Gift in
Every Challenge

Dance Into Your Power

“When was the last time you really danced?”

Dancing has a transformative power you can harness to help you tackle anything in life.

In Dance into Your Power you’ll find the inspiring story of how one woman learned to do just that.

Starting out as a seventeen-year-old runaway, with nothing but the clothes on her back and $30 in her pocket, Maia Beatty took decades to learn what it takes to dance into her own power. In the process she’s created her life’s work, married the man of her dreams, and discovered the deep happiness that comes from peace in her soul.

This book contains her forty years of research synthesized into a simple road map that will show you how to get these kinds of results, in a fraction of the time. Here are a few things you’ll learn how to do:

• Create any level of success you desire
• Expand your creativity and self-confidence
• Realize your own power
• Take any skill to the next level
• Work through obstacles with ease
• Increase the joy in your life

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